Gold Nuggets


We have Gold Nuggets of various sizes melted down and formed into new objects. You have have come to the right place.

A belief understanding about Gold nugget

What is Gold Nuggets? A gold nugget is a naturally occurring piece of native gold.

Gold nuggets are very rare and only about 2% of the all the gold in the world is considered gold nuggets. The other 98% of gold is recovered through mining gold ore and the gold is small, almost microscopic gold.

Gold Nuggets & Crystallized Gold

Crystallized gold is even rarer and it is estimated that less than a tenth of one percent of all the gold in the world is crystallized.

The gold in this category is considered the rarest and the best in the world of natural gold and comes from unique mining locations from around the world. Because of the rarity and magnificence of these specimens, they are considered highly collectible to investors and collectors around the world.

We notify all our clients world-wide that in Uganda and The DRC Congo we have crystallized gold which is very ideal to most investors.

Throughout gold rush and gold mining history, the discovery of a large gold nugget is a phenomenon which always causes excitement throughout a mining community as well as capturing the wider public’s imagination.

Gold nuggets can be found in alluvial deposits (sediments formed by water movement) or in other placer deposits (formed by other movement), but gold nuggets can also be found in or close to primary gold deposits, for example gold lodes or veins which have been exposed by the weather. “Gold nugget” can also technically be extracted from hard rock gold deposits as long as the surrounding rock can be removed of which in East Africa in the pearl of Africa and The DRC Congo we have been blessed to have it.

There are a number of gold nuggets which claim to be the world’s largest. Obviously, not all of these claims can be true but us as a company we always want all our clients to come to Uganda and witness all the gold we have.

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